Injured on the job? You're entitled to compensation. We can help you get it.

You have a RIGHT to make a claim if you’re injured at work

In South Carolina, a worker who is injured while on the job has a right, in most cases, to bring a claim against his or her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Our state’s workers’ compensation system provides medical care and temporary benefits when a person is injured at work. In many cases, the injured worker is also entitled to compensation for any permanent impairment that was suffered.

The workers’ comp system is complicated, so you need a guide

At first glance, South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system appears simple. In theory, an injured worker files a claim, receives medical care, has the extent of his or her permanent impairment determined by the treating doctor, and the claim is then settled. However, the process is rarely this straightforward. In fact, at times, it can be quite complicated, and workers need assistance from an experienced attorney skilled at keeping the process on track. You need a guide through this unfamiliar territory.

Among other things, note that if you are involved in a car wreck on the job, you may be eligible for more compensation than is provided under state workers’ compensation law. If a third party is deemed to be responsible for the wreck, you may have an additional claim that can brought against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. The dynamics between your workers’ compensation claim and your third-party claim can be tricky, and it is critical that both claims are handled by someone intimately acquainted with the relevant laws. At M&G Personal Injury Group, we are well-versed in both.

Don’t try to handle a work injury without an experienced attorney

Workers who try to handle claims from job-related injuries on their own put themselves at a serious disadvantage. Employers, backed by adjusters and defense attorneys, know how the system works and how to steer a claim to a result that is more advantageous to them than to the injured employee. It is not uncommon for those individuals working on behalf of your employer to contest your claim on the grounds that the injury did not occur within the scope and course of your job, or argue that your injury is not as severe as you contend – despite evidence to the contrary. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your workers’ compensation case without the benefit of an experienced attorney.

Virtually no worker is immune from the possibility of an on-the-job injury. Some professions by their very nature are more prone to workplace injuries. Police and security officers, truckers and construction workers usually lead the lists. These days, though, healthcare workers increasingly are at risk, too, suffering strains and tears that occurr primarily when working with patients. Office workers can be at risk for repetitive stress injuries stemming from improper equipment or work station configuration, and virtually anyone can suffer a slip-and-fall accident that leads to anything from broken bones to serious back injuries. In certain industries, claims may arise from asbestos or chemical exposure.

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No matter the type of injury or the nature of your claim, the attorneys of M&G Personal Injury Group will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.