Dog bites are usually the fault of the dog owner. We'll work to help hold the owner responsible.

Help for victims of dog bites

Any dog can bite, but some are more prone to do so than others. And sometimes they attack people because of carelessness on the part of their owners. Everyone who has a dog has a responsibility to make sure it is not a danger to the public. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to prevent their dogs from hurting people.

If you’ve been attacked by a dog, M&G Personal Injury Group cares. Our attorneys understand your pain, and know what you are going through, because we’ve been there, many times. We know that dog bite victims can experience lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones, scarring and disfigurement, nerve damage, psychological and emotional trauma, and even death.

Dog owners must be held responsible for injuries

Any of this can and should be laid at the feet of a dog owner who hasn’t taken the proper precautions to keep his or her animal from hurting others.

In South Carolina, wherever the attack occurs – at the owner’s home or in a public place – the owner is liable for injuries. Even someone who has charge of the dog but does not own it can be held responsible. The only exceptions to our state’s “strict liability” statute is if the victim provoked the dog, or was unlawfully on the property.

The law is on your side in dog bite cases, and so are we

If you have been attacked by no fault of your own, the law is on your side, and so are we. Call us today so that we can start working to help you recover from this traumatic experience.