If you're involved in a crash with a commercial truck, call on the lawyers at Morton & Gettys Personal Injury Group.

Heavy traffic, higher potential for trucking accidents

There are many fine things that add to our quality of life in the Rock Hill area, including our vicinity to Interstate 77.

There also is a downside to the easy access. From tanker trucks crashing and spilling gasoline to garbage trucks overturning and spewing their loads along the highway, the sheer volume of traffic on this major north-south artery carries with it the potential for accidents.

Experienced representation in commercial trucking accidents

If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you will need help navigating the complicated web of insurance companies and coverage. That is when you need to call on M&G Personal Injury Group.

There are many possible causes for a trucking accident, but overworked or tired drivers and overloaded trucks top the list. Sometimes drivers ignore traffic laws such as speed limits, and sometimes trucking companies fail to properly train drivers or maintain their equipment.

No matter the cause, a family car does not stand much of a chance when something the weight and size of an 18-wheeler crashes into it. The legal battle often can be just as much of a mismatch, particularly if the tractor-trailer is owned by a nationwide trucking company, which in turn has a large insurance company behind it.

That is why anyone involved in an accident with a commercial truck needs to make sure they have quality representation. Some cases are simply a matter of compiling medical records and negotiating with insurance companies, while other cases involve intense fights over liability. Regardless of the circumstances, Morton & Gettys has experience in this area.

Our personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly for you

If your case turns out to be more complicated, we will track down police records, contact the investigating officers, interview all witnesses, and collect, when necessary, the important forensic data that can often make or break your case. We will work tirelessly to ensure all evidence in your favor is uncovered, and will battle relentlessly to secure every measure of compensation to which you are entitled.