If you've lost a loved one to wrongful death, talk to the attorneys at Morton & Gettys Personal Injury Group.

Wrongful death: the worst thing most of us can imagine

The death of a loved one is the most awful thing most of us can imagine. But when a parent, spouse or child dies as the result of the actions of another person, the emotional toll can be even worse.

At M&G Personal Injury Group, our attorneys understand how profoundly traumatic these situations can be. We pride ourselves on having the compassion to help clients through these upsetting times, while also having the knowledge and experience to ensure that their financial futures are protected.

The law in wrongful death cases can be complex

South Carolina law allows surviving family members to file wrongful death lawsuits seeking compensation from the person or business whose conduct caused their loved one’s death. Furthermore, our law allows the deceased person’s estate to also bring a claim, referred to as a “survival action,” to compel the responsible party to pay damages due to the estate. The statutes governing these two separate and distinct claims can be complicated and even overwhelming to the inexperienced or untrained.

Wrongful death claims can arise from a host of tragic occurrences – car and trucking accidents, defective consumer products, medical malpractice and construction defects, to name a few. If a loved one has died in an accident that might have been someone else’s fault, it’s important to consult an attorney as quickly as possible in order to preserve your legal rights. Surviving family members may be entitled to recover for medical and funeral expenses and lost future earnings, as well as receive compensation for loss of the love, affection and companionship of their departed loved one.

Don’t suffer financial worries from a wrongful death on top of your grief

We know that no monetary award is going to assuage the grief of losing a loved one. But seeing that surviving family members are adequately compensated for both expenses and lost income will at least help ensure that those who are left behind don’t have to suffer financial hardship on top of their grief.